JACKED – Steady Movement Efficiency Enhancer

Introducing Jacked: Elevating Steady Ball Movement Efficiency

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Since 2015, Creating the Distinction has been on the forefront of revolutionizing bowling ball efficiency. Our line of immersion-based merchandise began with the debut of our pioneering product, The Clear. This distinctive method acts as a detox, extracting absorbed oil and filth to revive your ball’s efficiency.

Pushed by a spirit of innovation, we have not solely mastered restoration but in addition transformation. In 2022, we launched AMP’D, an immersion efficiency enhancer tailor-made for reactive bowling balls. AMP’D enhances the backend response, giving your ball an Angular Ball Movement Form with out altering its floor. Watch this video to be taught extra.

In 2024, we’re introducing a game-changer that focuses on the midlane, guaranteeing superior continuation by way of the pins.

Meet Jacked Steady Movement Efficiency Enhancer, fortified with Tackify.

Constructing upon the success of AMP’D, Jacked takes efficiency to new heights. Not like its angular counterpart, Jacked facilities on the midlane, particularly specializing in the steady ball movement class.

Be taught extra concerning the 4 kinds of Ball Movement right here.



For an in-depth understanding of Jacked and what it might probably do for you, watch this video.

Witness a major surge in efficiency from the midlane throughout the pins. That is Steady ball movement—probably the most coveted of the 4 movement sorts for its enduring effectiveness.

Tackify, a polymer additive, not solely boosts efficiency but in addition extends the lifespan of your reactive bowling ball. When used as directed, Jacked additionally repels filth, preserving your ball cleaner for longer.

This product shouldn’t be a bowling ball cleaner.

When must you use Jacked?

Jacked – Shredded Package deal contains:

  • 1 Gallon of Jacked
  • Directions
  • Bucket
  • Funnel
  • 2-pack of CtD Absorption Pads
  • CtD Ball Cup
  • 4oz That Wow Issue HM
  • CtD Intro Package:
    • 4 oz Life After Demise
    • TruCuT Scuff Mark Remover
    • Microfiber towel (coloration could differ)


Why would I pay over $100 on a product like this? Why not simply go purchase a brand new bowling ball?

Jacked can change the response of ANY reactive bowling ball and make it extra steady. The very best half is that Jacked is reusable. Listed here are the highest 3 conditions the place you should use Jacked.

  • You could have a bowling ball you don’t like and need to give it a brand new response.
  • Restore ball response in a steady bowling ball.
  • Add extra steady form in a model new ball.

So as a substitute of spending $200+ a bowling ball you do not like PLUS $200+ extra to purchase one other ball to switch that ball, why not give Jacked a attempt!

What’s distinction between Jacked and AMP’D?


Take a look at what individuals must say about Jacked!

Learn how to use Jacked:

Step 1: Put together your bowling ball floor with TruCut Sanding Pads or TruCut Hand Utilized Polish PLUS Powered by Turtle Wax.

Step 2: Previous to immersion, clear your bowling ball with Life After Demise and a TruCuT Scuff Mark Remover. A clear ball is crucial.

Step 3: Place your bowling ball within the supplied bucket with the thumb gap up (or fingers up for no thumb bowlers) for straightforward elimination.

Step 4: Slowly pour Jacked across the ball till it is an inch away from the thumb or fingers, relying on orientation.

Step 5: Soak the ball for a most of 1 hour. 

Step 6: Use a CtD Absorption Pad to take away any floor oil and filth. Discard the pad after use.

Step 7: Gently carry the ball from Jacked and place it on a ball cup. Enable the ball to take a seat for 10 minutes to soak up any residual liquid. Apply That Wow Issue HM to take away phasing. Repeat if wanted. The method is now full.

For these not phased by short-term whitening (phasing) which will happen 10 to twenty minutes post-treatment, the method is full. This phasing really helps repel filth, preserving your ball cleaner. 

Step 8: Fastidiously pour JACKED again into the gallon jug. DO NOT LEAVE JACEKD IN THE BUCKET.

For these not phased by short-term whitening (phasing) which will happen 10 to twenty minutes post-treatment, the method is full. This phasing really helps repel filth, preserving your ball cleaner. 

Step 9: Wipe off any extra liquid with a clear towel.  


1. How does Jacked differ from The Clear?
– The Clear is designed for primary de-oiling, whereas Jacked enhances midlane efficiency. Use The Clear for restoration, adopted by Jacked for Steady Movement Form.

2. Why does my reactive ball flip white generally after use?
– Because the ball absorbs Jacked’s polymers, they work together with the ball’s plasticizer, leading to a cloudy look. This means improved efficiency and an extended ball life.

3. Do I would like plasticizer in my bowling ball?
– Sure, in the course of the ball’s formation, plasticizer creates pores. A small quantity stays, stopping the ball from drying out. Nonetheless, extreme plasticizer can hinder efficiency. Tackify in Jacked enhances efficiency.

4. How typically can I exploit Jacked?
– Jacked is secure after each set, with advisable use each 30 to 50 video games for optimum affect.

5. Does Jacked alter my ball’s floor?
– No, Jacked doesn’t change the ball’s floor. Floor alterations ought to be executed previous to immersing the ball.

6. Do I must do something after therapy?
– Full all floor modifications earlier than utilizing Jacked. Any whitening will fade by itself. Use That Wow Issue HM for look considerations. For filth, clear with a bowling ball cleaner like Life After Demise.

7. Does Jacked change the ball’s hardness?
– No, Jacked doesn’t have an effect on the ball’s hardness.

8. Will it harm the core if it will get moist?
– No, Jacked doesn’t compromise the core’s integrity.

9. Will it have an effect on my grips or thumb slug/interchangable?
– No, Jacked doesn’t affect glue, grips, slugs, or inserts.

10. Will my ball achieve weight?
– A negligible achieve of lower than 1/100 of a pound can happen. This doesn’t have an effect on the ball’s weight integrity.

11. Does Jacked work on Urethane or Plastic balls?
– It will not have an effect on their efficiency however will maintain them cleaner for longer.

12. What if my ball is already Steady. Do I nonetheless want Jacked?-

-Jacked is for all reactive bowling balls. It’s going to enhance the mid lane efficiency throughout the pins on any ball whatever the designed ball movement form. So sure you need to use it even on balls which can be already steady or traction or angular.

13. Can Jacked be reused?

– Sure, it might probably! The important thing with with the ability to reuse Jacked, is utilizing a CtD Absorption Pad to take away filth and oil that come to the floor. With out utilizing an Absorption Pad, Jacked turns into contaminated. Contamination is the primary option to break the efficiency affect of Jacked.

JACKED DOES NOT REQUIRE USBC APPROVAL as it’s not a bowling ball cleaner.  The USBC is conscious of and has evaluated Jacked with out concern.

Expertise the following stage of bowling ball efficiency with Jacked Steady Movement Efficiency Enhancer. Elevate your sport as we speak!

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