Put together to Race With These Swimming Warmup Workout routines

Getting your muscular tissues able to work effectively is extraordinarily essential earlier than a swim exercise however much more so earlier than a race. Using correct swimming warmup workouts will enhance your race efficiency and cut back your threat of harm. Whether or not you’re a newbie or on the lookout for suggestions to enhance the warmup you’ve been practising for years, this text goals to show you the very best methods to organize your physique for a swim occasion.

First, we’ll have a look at the completely different levels of warming up throughout a swim meet and how one can loosen up on dry land and within the water. Then, we’ll cowl research-backed TRX suspension coaching warmups for the particular swim strokes.

The Levels of Warming up at a Swim Meet

Earlier than a swim meet begins, you’ll have time to carry out an preliminary set of swimming warmup workouts within the water. That is nice when you swim one of many first occasions, however for some swimmers, your occasion gained’t come till a lot later, that means you gained’t obtain all the advantages of your preliminary swim warmup. That’s why it’s essential to plan out a warmup routine that works finest in your schedule throughout the swim meet so you may keep away from beginning a race with chilly and contracted muscular tissues.

Let’s go over the levels of warming up throughout a swim meet so you may perceive how and when it is best to get your blood stream going earlier than your occasion. We’ll cowl the dryland warmup, the overall warmup earlier than the meet begins, and a fast warmup earlier than your occasion.

Dynamic Dryland Warmup

That is the primary stage of swimming warmup workouts it is best to carry out earlier than you get within the water. It’s a good suggestion to follow a dynamic stretching routine earlier than your normal warmup and your second race-specific warmup. In actual fact, it is best to at all times stretch out earlier than swimming, whether or not it’s swim coaching or competitors.

The aim of dynamic stretching workouts is to get your coronary heart fee up, enhance your physique temperature, and get the blood flowing to your muscular tissues. Carry out dynamic stretching as a substitute of static stretching. Static stretching has been linked to efficiency reductions, whereas dynamic stretching adequately prepares the physique for athletic exercise.

Dynamic warmup actions for the higher physique embody arm swings and arm circles. To get your coronary heart fee up, carry out leaping jacks and bounce rope. On your decrease physique, loosen up your hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors with lunges and squats.

You too can carry out mild band work and lightweight calisthenics to get the blood flowing to your muscular tissues. Simply make certain you don’t overdo it. You don’t wish to carry out these workouts to the purpose of muscle fatigue.

Normal Warmup Earlier than the Meet

Earlier than the swim meet begins, you will have time to finish a full set of swimming warmup workouts within the water. What you select to swim primarily is determined by what stroke you swim, what sort of distance you swim, and what your physique responds to finest for a warmup.

It’s a good suggestion to loosen up the physique, beginning at a comparatively simple tempo. Then, you may select to carry out some drill work in your stroke to make sure your swim method is able to go in your race.

Don’t overlook to loosen up your legs! Seize a kickboard and carry out some leg work particular to the occasion you swim.

Lastly, you may carry out a handful of sprints to get your blood stream and coronary heart fee up. Solely swim sufficient to heat up your muscular tissues, and keep away from swimming an excessive amount of earlier than the swim meet so that you don’t tire your self out.

Second Warmup Earlier than Your Occasion

Swimming warmup exercises: swimmer stretching his arm

In case your occasion doesn’t come till later within the meet, you may wish to hop within the water 15 to twenty minutes earlier than your race. Although you warmed up throughout the normal warmup, your muscular tissues can get chilly after sitting round ready in your race, so it’s a good suggestion to run via a fast set of swimming warmup workouts.

Begin with one other fast spherical of dynamic workouts to get your blood flowing once more. Then, hop within the water and loosen up at a reasonable tempo. Lastly, carry out a number of brief sprints to complete warming up your muscular tissues, so that you’re able to compete.

TRX Swimming Warmup Workout routines for Every Stroke

Loads of analysis has been performed about warming up muscular tissues, however sadly, most of it’s already outdated, partly as a result of swimming methods and biomechanics have modified. At first of 2015, Jonas Martens reviewed the analysis into warming up muscular tissues within the pool, and his personal analysis produced some attention-grabbing suggestions for all of the completely different swim strokes.

Every stroke in swimming makes use of completely different muscle teams. Under, we’ve highlighted which muscle teams are used throughout every sort of swim stroke based mostly on the analysis. Then, we offer a swimming warmup train you may carry out utilizing a TRX body weight suspension system.

Pairing all these workouts collectively in a circuit makes for an excellent full-body warmup. Simply be sure you don’t exert your self an excessive amount of and trigger muscle fatigue earlier than your race; you might be warming up, not performing a energy coaching train. 

Additionally it is a good suggestion to follow the beneath TRX workouts a number of occasions earlier than a coaching session, so you understand how your physique responds to the actions. If it really works effectively for you, go forward and take a look at it earlier than a race.


For the freestyle swim, the arm actions deliver the higher trapezius, supraspinatus, and deltoids into play (as your arm enters and re-emerges from the water and likewise throughout the restoration section). Your chest muscular tissues work hardest throughout the pull section, whereas throughout the ultimate section, it’s your massive dorsal muscle that’s exerted most. In fact, we additionally want to contemplate the usage of each the biceps and triceps throughout the preliminary catch section and the pull section.

TRX Suspended Pushup

Stand along with your shoulder blades going through and lined up with the purpose the place the straps are connected. Grab the handles, place your ft going through ahead, and along with your physique leaning gently ahead and your arms prolonged, carry out a pushup by leaning additional ahead after which returning to the beginning place. Carry out 2-3 units of 10 reps.


When swimming the backstroke, the principle muscular tissues concerned are the deltoids and higher/entrance trapezius. Your scapulothoracic muscular tissues additionally assist preserve your scapula in place to scale back any pressure throughout the thrust section. The subscapularis and teres muscular tissues are used throughout the pull section.

TRX Suspended Pullup

Face the purpose the place the straps are connected and snatch the handles. Place your ft ahead and lean gently backward along with your arms prolonged in entrance of you. Pull along with your arms to carry out a pullup, and decrease your self again to the beginning place in a managed movement. Carry out 2-3 units of 10 reps.


Swimmer stretching her arm

When swimming the butterfly, you employ your deltoid, supraspinatus, and subspinatus muscular tissues as your arms enter the water. Your chest and enormous dorsal muscular tissues then present many of the ahead drive, whereas the teres minor and subscapularis assist with inner rotation and stability. 

Let’s not overlook the essential position performed by the decrease physique. Your hips and knees assist present a full leg kick, whereas your rectus femoris, biceps femoris, tibialis anterior, and rectus abdominis muscular tissues do many of the work throughout the thrust section.

TRX “T” Deltoid Fly

Begin in the identical place as for the suspended pullup described above. Beginning along with your arms in entrance of you, start to separate them in a lateral movement. As you separate your arms, your physique will elevate up and ahead. Cease the motion when each arms are prolonged at both facet of your physique. On this place, your physique will make the form of a “T.” In a gradual and managed movement, return your self to the beginning place. Carry out 2-3 units of 10 reps.


The pectoralis main and latissimus dorsi muscular tissues present many of the ahead propulsion when swimming the breaststroke, with the teres minor and subscapularis serving to with inner rotation and stability. The supraspinatus and higher and decrease trapezius muscular tissues permit you to preserve scapular stability throughout the arm restoration section of the breaststroke. Don’t underestimate the significance of your decrease limbs, since your tibialis muscular tissues assist with the leg kick. It has been famous that extra environment friendly swimmers even have extraordinarily robust muscular tissues round their torso and hips.

TRX Suspension Squats

Face the TRX suspension straps and stand far sufficient away from the purpose the place they’re linked to create reasonable rigidity on the straps. Bend your elbows and maintain the strap handles at about chest peak. Don’t lean too far again for this train. As a substitute, consider the straps as a steadiness level to assist you in performing squats. Squat down as little as potential to attain a full vary of movement. Then, stand again up into the beginning place. Carry out 2-3 units of 10 reps.

Take Your Warmup to the Pool Deck

Check out these swimming warmup workouts earlier than your subsequent race. With an excellent warmup, you’ll be able to carry out your finest. Earlier than you hop within the water, incorporate dynamic workouts just like the TRX suspension actions, stretching, or mild calisthenics. Get in an excellent pool warmup earlier than the meet begins and one other earlier than your particular occasion.

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