SOEA Coaches Proceed Necessary Work Round their Area to Construct Inclusion

A group of athletes exercising with their coach

Jiang Jianqiang with Particular Training college students

This interview is accessible in each English and Mandarin under.

Coach Jiang Jianqiang – 中国广东省特殊教育学校


1. 你为什么决定成为一名教练/特教老师?

2. 你为什么要成为一名特教老师/执教你所从事的运动?你喜欢这项工作/运动的什么?

3. 您每周指导您的学生/团队/运动员多少次?

4. 为什么体育对你和你执教的运动员很重要?

5. 做为一名教练,在特奥的活动中,你对自己有什么了解?

6. 您能否举例说明您的学生/运动员的社交和情绪健康(自信、社会包容、压力管理)如何因您的训练而得到改善?

7. 你是如何在运动场外支持你的学生/队员融入和促进社会包容的?

8. 请描述你是如何支持你的学生/运动员在训练内外遵循健康和积极的生活方式的?

9. 在你的执教生涯中,你的执教理念发生了怎样的变化?或者从你开始参与特奥活动以来?


Coach Jiang Jianqiang – Particular Training College in Guangdong Province, China

Coach Jiang Jianqiang talks about his journey to develop bodily training and sport on the particular training faculty he works at in Guangdong Province, China.

1. Why did you determine you wished to be a coach?
I didn’t intentionally make this choice, however I felt that the profession of a particular training trainer was an uncommon problem, and I selected it.

2. Why do you coach the game that you simply do? What do you want about this sport?
I wished to guide particular kids to face on greater and higher phases, so I grew to become a particular training trainer. After becoming a member of the college, I led my college students to do monitor and subject, soccer, curler curling and curler skating. I loved this job very a lot, and I need to lead college students to know the world has all totally different sports activities; for this reason I really like my job.

3. What number of instances per week do you coach your workforce/athlete?
I at the moment take my college students to curler skating for about 1 hour every single day which is about 4 instances every week.

4. Why is sport necessary to you and the athletes you coach?
Sport is a crucial bridge for athletes to understand their full persona, and it’s also a instrument to understand every particular person’s particular person challenges. I believe PE is particularly necessary for college students with ID.

5. What have you ever discovered about your self as a coach, working in Particular Olympics?
Crucial factor I’ve learnt is to have a deeper understanding of equality, respect and tolerance, and to study to handle relationships.

6. Are you able to give an instance of how your athletes have improved their capability to work with others/teamwork, at dwelling coaching habits, management expertise, and so on. and the way you’ve gotten inspired them to be accountable for their very own performances and coaching?
Considered one of my college students, Afeng, is an introverted little one who was first reluctant to speak with others and spoke quietly. He was eager on sports activities resembling soccer and basketball. In years of sports activities coaching, we intentionally requested him to talk loudly, to be courageous and lively. After numerous video games, he gained confidence, was filled with masculinity and have become a shining star within the faculty.

7. Describe how you’ve gotten supported your athletes to observe a wholesome and lively life-style in or exterior of observe?
I help them by giving athletes applause and high-fives in any case trainings, not simply specializing in the result of the sport. I ask them to battle for each effort as it’s the most important facet.

8. Describe how you’ve gotten supported your athletes to observe a wholesome and lively life-style in or exterior of observe?
I helped them to develop good coaching habits (gown code, rigorous observe) and produce these good habits into their lives.

9. How has your teaching philosophy modified over your teaching profession? Or because you began teaching in Particular Olympics?
At first, I cared in regards to the progress of scholars, wonderful outcomes, and exterior judgment, however later I discovered that essentially the most significant factor was to take extra college students outdoor, to the playground and to run within the solar.

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